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Ways of Motivating Students and Researchers to Bring Out Their Best

Perfect Research in Academia Doesn't Really Exist

Students require undertaking research on the assignments given to them. Even freelance writers or professional or working people require to research in their endeavor to prepare an excellent presentation and for this they have to touch various sources for their information and data. Hence it is the interviewee who is giving his or hers interpretation and therefore it is prudent to say that there is no hope of doing perfect academic research.

Research Study

The most pertinent part of writing a research paper is finding the correct sources for the information or data you are requiring. I love doing research, particularly when it is the internet where you have to surf. The net is a vast ocean of information on any topic or subject you would like to research. You can even research on research on the net. Care has to be taken to first understand the exact theme and topic you have to write about so that you use the right keywords to elicit the relevant information from the net. Remember what is available on the net is mostly quoted by third person and not by the expert himself. The genuineness or authenticity of the data required to back up your statements is questionable and hence you may realize that there is no hope of doing the perfect research.

The vital ingredient in research is you. The extent of your understanding of the topic or subject you are going to research. The extent of knowledge you have on this subject. Your inherent intellect with personal knowledge on the subject at hand will produce a synergetic piece of literature. Assuming you are intelligent but the subject is foreign to you then you have to take recourse to other sources to gain the required knowledge. Again here lies the lacuna which entails that there is no hope of doing the perfect research. The available resources for you are local or school libraries, journals and the internet. Not always will you find pertinent information at the local or school library or even in the journals. As is the case with the net you do have be extra careful when quoting sources from there.

I was told to research on what are the Motivational factors. The basic motivation for me to put up an excellent assignment was to get top grades. Based on the knowledge that every one will have different specific motivational factors, I ventured on the net to research. While doing research I kept foremost in mind that different professionals will have different ideas or schools of thought which might lead me to think that there is no hope of doing the perfect research. But the goal was to get top grades and hence I surfed on the net for motivational theories. I came across Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. Psychologist Abraham Maslow introduced this theory in his paper of 1943 entitled "A Theory of Human Motivation" and subsequently in his book "Motivation and Personality." He grades needs from the primarily physiological needs which progress to safety and security needs. Once these basic needs of food shelter and clothing are met then the motivational factors move a notch up to safety and security and then you have the quest for love and social recognition which target ego and self actualization.

The other theories I researched were the expectation theory by V. Vroom and Herzberg's two factor theory. The Expectancy theory defines motivation to be the net result of Expectancy x Instrumentality x Valence. He defines Expectancy as the belief that an increased effort will lead to an increase performance and Instrumentality as the belief that if you perform well you will receive a reward the value to you of which is defined by Valence.

The last of the theory was formulated by Fredrick Herzberg who published his finding in his book The Motivation to Work, 1959. He divided the factors in to two categories calling the positive factors the motivators and dissatisfying factors hygiene factors suggesting that these factors merely existed to avoid dissatisfaction but by themselves did not give any satisfaction or motivate the workers.

The second paper was bout the Capital Market more particularly an overview of the Indian financial System and the Indian capital market. I have a liking for all matters financial and take an interest in reading voraciously on this subject; I found this subject to be my cup of tea. The extent of recent reforms culminating in the liberalization and free entry to FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) and the regulation of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board) to avoid scams like those initiated by Harshad "Big Bull" Mehta and Ketan "the Bombay Bull" Mehta all were interesting material to be researched.

The papers were duly submitted at their respective due dates, but to my dismay though I was in the top three percentile of my class, my examiner had marked that the research could have been more in depth or more descriptive. These refurbished my belief that there is no hope of doing a perfect research.

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