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Student vs. Writer - Finding Common Ground in Mixed Essay Writing Service Reviews

Top 10 Reasons Why Students Should Be Careful When Choosing an Academic Paper Service or a Dissertation Writer

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Student Benefits from Buying Custom Essays and Term Papers

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The 21st century has seen a rise in the need for student writing assistance. The requirement stems from the heavy research workload that most college students these days have. Students openly deal with academic writers who aide them in the completion of their homework and research papers. In fact, having a writing assistant in college is the worst kept secret of the students. While academic leaders' frown upon the practice, they admit to being unable to stop the students from using these services. So, they shut their eyes and pretend they don't know who among their students are hiring academic writers to assist them with their paperwork. That is not to say that some professors do not try to demonize the practice. They try, but always fail to dissuade their students from hiring these writing services. How can they? The students stand to gain significant benefits from the practice.

It Lessens the Academic Stress on the Student

The biggest problem students have with writing their papers is that they need to brainstorm for writing ideas. Brainstorming alone can take days to complete and often requires the student begin preliminary research on various related topics even before he comes up with his final topic. Thus, the student is under constant pressure to finalize his topic presentation. Something that an experienced academic writer can easily take care of for him.

The Lesser the Stress, the More the Vacant Time for the Student

Imagine having to attend a full day's worth of classes and then returning to the dorm room not to relax, but to start working on your homework. You can almost hear your brain churning to a stop. Students, most of all, need time to unwind and relax because of the stress of the daily student activities. Even more so during the weekends when the universities plan community gatherings which some students fail to attend because of the heavy homework load. Constant studying never helped anyone, so why not get the help that you need?

Learning Should Be Done in the Classroom Only

There is a reason that there are class discussions and exams. The professors want to prove that the student has learned something in class. These should be more than enough for the student to prove that he should pass the class. Having the student write papers doesn't prove anything except that the student knows how to do research. Which doesn't prove he learned anything in class, just that he knows how to navigate the local library and the internet. Practical lessons from the classroom are far more valuable than the theoretical learning research provides.

There are other creative ways to prove that a student was listening in class and understood the lesson being taught aside from being made to write countless papers and other related papers. These educational practices are no longer applicable in the modern world where education in a formal institution can very easily be over taken by an internet-based education. No research required. However, the educational system has not caught up with technology yet. So, until that time arrives, the students will need to make sure that they hire a reputable company or freelance writer to help with the creation of their essay papers.